A European Network

TMNlab’s 10 years experience, wide network (more than a thousand professionals with a large range of expertise, 80 performing arts and culture organisations and network, several partners), and innovative projects make it a strong candidate for the European Networks of Cultural and Creative Organisations call (more), offering valuable contributions to the European cultural and creative sectors.

Why do we addresse the objectives of the call

The project addresses the objectives of the call through:

    • Empowering Cultural Professionals: By fostering knowledge exchange and supporting digital skills development among its members, throught the tmnlab.com platform and with an open innovation approach (living lab, cohort, workgroup…)

    • Enhancing Cultural Participation: Through initiatives that engage diverse audiences via digital platforms and develop cultural mediation among digital spaces (social network, cultural platforms, digital community, metavers…)

TMNlab contributes to the call’s priorities by promoting responsible digital practices, cross-sector collaboration, and involvement in national and international projects that align with the European Union’s external relations goals through cultural cooperation.

Our singularity

By fostering a community of practice, TMNlab seeks to bridge the gap between traditional cultural activities and the digital sphere, enhancing the capacity of cultural organizations to innovate and grow in a rapidly changing digital landscape. 

Today, TMNlab is bringing together its foreign partners to develop commons to serve the digital transformation of the cultural sector around three main axes: 

📌 Developing the digital skills of professionals, by strengthening the community’s ability to document and build case uses, and by developing its pedagogical engineering, in line with the #France2030 diagnosis conducted in 2023 

📌 Structuring new uses of data around common or aligned standards, by animating local and international communities, developing the CapDataCulture project internationally and gather professionals widely to build a strong data governance, lead by cultural organizations, in line with local and european  public cultural policies

📌 Developing new approaches to cultural mediation in the digital age to reweave links and sociability between institutions and audiences, in view of the hybrid practices of the audiences All while sharing and disseminating a model of professional cooperation in line with the sector’s challenges and economically coherent.

How do we plan to work


Expanding our observatory of professional practices to other countries, better documenting existing initiatives, and, following the approach already started with Europe and Quebec, pooling our strengths on topics such as digital skills, data literacy and more.


Spread the learning community logic : not to transform TMNlab into a super European network, but to encourage the creation of interconnected local networks, always close to the field as we are. Empower people to be part of the transformation.


Build a strong voice in European advocacy for a situated, responsible, empowering digital culture.


Produce – and facilitate the production of – solutions to assist professionals and institutions : at least guidelines, method, trainings, but we can lead projects – as we are already doing together.

European Networks of Cultural and Creative Organisations

Candidature du TMNlab / Mars 2024 – Mars 2028